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AY Horizontal Centrifugal Oil Pump

AY Horizontal Centrifugal Oil Pump

Capacity: 6.25-500 (m³/h) 

Head: 60-300 (m)

Temperature: -45-420 (℃)

Product Introduction

AY centrifugal oil pump is designed as a reformed product on the basis of Y oil pump. It can be used in oil refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry. Adopted standard API610 to improve the whole pump body. Sizes of the bearing house 30,50,60 are changed into 45,55,70 to strengthen reliability.

Main Benifits

Superior structure:
1. 6 kinds structure to select
2. Monoblock cast for impeller
3. Cooling fin on the surface of the bearing

 • High efficiency
 • Strong reliability
 • East maintenace
 • Wide adaptability of pump parts

Main Applications

petroleum refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical industry 

Technical Data

Product Name AY Centrifugal Oil Pump
Structure Single stage
Material Stainless Steel
Head 60-300m / 196.8-984ft
Flow 6.25-500m3/h  / 27.5-2200USgpm
Temperature -45℃~420℃ / -49~788℉
Speed 2950 r/min
Power 3-560 kw
Efficiency 30%-79%
NPSH 2-6.5m
Liquid Medium Petroleum and IPG without solid particles
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart

Model Description

50 ------------------------ Inlet diameter 50mm
AY ------------------------ Horizontal centrifugal oil pump
II -------------------------- Flow components class 2 material
60 ------------------------ Head 60m per stage
2 -------------------------- Number of impeller
A -------------------------- Impeller diameter cutting symbol

Pump Parts Material

Material class I II III
Temperature(℃) -20~150 -45~420 -45~420
Name of the pump parts
Pump body HT250 ZG230-450 ZG1Gr13Ni
impeller HT250 ZG230-450 ZG1Gr13Ni
shaft 45 35GrMo 3Cr13
Seal ring for pump body HT250 HT250 ZG1Gr13Mo5
Seal ring for impeller QT500-7 QT500-7 3Cr13
Bolt for  pump body Q235-A 35GrMo 35GrMo
Shaft sleeve of packing seal 3Cr13 1Cr13 silicon carbide 1Cr13 silicon carbide
Shaft sleeve of mechanical seal 3Cr13 3Cr13 3Cr13