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ZLB Vertical Axial Flow Pump

ZLB Vertical Axial Flow Pump

Capacity: 650-39000 (m³/h) 

Head: 2-15 (m)

Temperature: 0-50 (℃)

Product Introduction

ZLB vertical axial flow pump is single stage vertical axial flow one, which is suitable for transporting clean water, rain water. The transmission temperature should not be above 50 degrees centigrade. ZLB vertical axial flow pump is a high flow, low head pump. It is widely applied in agricultural irrigation, water conservancy, urban water supply, drainage and farms for transporting recycled water. 

Main Benifits

Exellent hydraulic model
Precision wax mould casting

 • Stable performance
 • Excellence NPSH
 • Reduce friction and shocking loss 
 • 3-5% higher efficiency than others

Main Applications

 • Farm irrigation
 • Agriculture
 • Recycled water of power plant
 • Water lift at dock

Technical Data

Product Name ZLB axial flow pump
Structure Single stage
Material Cast Iron
Head 2-15m / 6.6-49.2ft
Flow 650-39000m3/h / 2860-171600USgpm
Temperature 0-50℃ / 0-122℉
Speed 187.5~1450 r/min
Power 7.5-1250 kw
Efficiency 77.2%-89.2%
Liquid Medium Fresh water with no solid particles or property similar to water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart


Model Description

350 -------------------- Pump outlet diameter is 350 mm
Z ----------------------- Axial flow pump
L ----------------------- Vertical
B ----------------------- Half adjust blade
6 ----------------------- Head:6 m