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HW Horizontal Mixed Flow Pump

HW Horizontal Mixed Flow Pump

Capacity: 90-9000 (m³/h) 

Head: 3.5-22 (m)

Temperature: 0-50 (℃)

Product Introduction

HW mixed-flow pump is horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, volute pump. This pump has the features of simple structure, reliable in operation, easy installation, high efficiency, small dimension, light weight. HW mixed-flow pump is suitable for transporting clean water or similar chemical liquid whose temperature is under 50 degrees centigrade. This pump is widely used for agriculture irrigation, industrial and municipal drainage etc.

Main Benifits

Simple construction:
Composed of pump casing, impeller, pump case, shaft, shaft sleeve and bearing part

 • High efficiency & energy conservation
 • Cost saving
 • Strong stability
 • Low cost maintenance
 • Strong reliability in mechanical seal
 • Excellent NPSH
 • Easy maintenance

Main Applications

 • Suitable for agricultural irrigation and drainage.
 • Suitable for aquatic products breeding.
 • Suitable for industrial water supply.

Technical Data

Product Name HW mixed-flow pump
Structure single stage
Material Cast Iron
Head 3.5-22m / 11.5-72ft
Flow 90-9000m3/h / 396-39600USgpm
Temperature 0-50℃ / 0-122℉
Speed 450~ 2900 r/min
Power 4-550 kw
Efficiency 75%-88%
NPSH 2.7-6.5 m
Liquid Medium Fresh water with no solid particles or property similar to water
Standard ISO9001

Structure Chart


Model Description

250HW - 7
250 ----------------------------- Inlet diameter 250 mm
HW ----------------------------- Mixed-flow pump
7 -------------------------------- Head 7 m
A ------------------------------Impeller has been cut for the first time